The Biden administration's Disinformation Board is our Ministry of Truth and Orwell is saying "I told you so" from his grave.
It's time that men rediscover their masculinity.
Age discrimination is government and corporate sponsored.
Taking a selfie is now being used as identification
Technological Tyranny, worse than Orwell imagined. Big tech now controls almost every aspect of our lives and with the touch of a button can make…
The Earn It Act is supposed to be about keeping child porn off the Internet. However, that might just be a pretext for another government power grab
The worst type of exploitation is escaped, not something you can walk away from. Human trafficking, self-exploitation - Human Traffickers depend on…
Afghanistan and Porn are a very unlikely combination but one pornstar has managed to bridge them. Perhaps there will be more Afghan women in porn
When do they stop being children?
Wrestling with misinformation
Pious Muslim women in porn is a symptom of society in collapse. Having to sacrifice religious convictions to pay bills is a horrible choice.
Today’s generation of pedophiles are more powerful than the average pornographer.